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Financial giving during the Covid-19 crisis

Categories: News

While we focus on dealing with the current public health crisis, and in assisting our neighbours and families with basic needs, it may seem like a strange time to talk about church offerings.

However, while Church Council is doing what it can to control costs, and aggressively manage cash flow during this time, we can only control so much.   A sharp drop in offerings, and potential loss of rental income caused by the current situation could quickly lead to a severe cash crunch for the congregation.

While we currently have some financial flexibility, that could change very rapidly in the coming months depending on the length of the disruptions to normal life that the current challenges require. 

With that in mind, we have documented a variety of ways for you to continue your giving on our new Offerings/Donations page, easily accessible from the menus. If you have not examined your giving relative to your income recently, please take the current moment to prayerfully consider increasing your regular giving.  We know there will be some in the congregation who will be struggling financially during this time, and we do not want to add to their burdens by having them worry about maintaining church offerings

We know that God is at work, uninterrupted, for our good independent of the comings and goings of world events, or the state of Messiah congregation’s bank account.   Knowing that, we can continue to be good stewards of what our Lord has blessed us with, so that we can continue to do the works he has given for us to do here at Messiah without disruption. 

Author: Ginny Scarfino