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Mission of the Month for APRIL 2020: Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots (LAMP)

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LAMP has been providing spiritual witness and nurturing faith in communities in remote areas of northern Canada since 1970 through the ministry of pastor/ missionary/pilots, and short and long-term volunteers-in-mission. Each year over 5,000 children, youth and adults are impacted by the ministry of LAMP.

Our Mission:  LAMP is a cross-cultural ministry sharing Jesus Christ with God’s people in remote areas of Canada.

Our VisionTO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH . . . LAMP envisions a day when nations walk together in the light of Christ.

Our Values:  LAMP has identified three core relationship-oriented values in its Relationship Model™ for Governance. We believe that Affirmation, Involvement, and Servant Leadership are fundamental to the way all of us work to achieve LAMP’s mission.


Many children across southern Canada and the United States have helped keep LAMP planes “fueled up” by sending in money they’ve collected either individually or as a group. Sunday schools, day schools, and VBS groups have used a curriculum to help children understand the mission of LAMP. This program gives them an opportunity to become actively involved in LAMP missions as they give financially and pray for the people of the North. Lampert™ and the Lost Little Ones Curriculum encourages children to be mission-minded by:

  1. Teaching about LAMP’s ministry to Indigenous children in remote areas of northern Canada.
  2. Encouraging praying for the children and their families in the North.
  3. Becoming involved in “Fueling the Mission” by collecting money for airplane fuel.

LAMP’s outreach programs include:

  • Leading Vacation Bible Schools and Christ-centered sports camps to children and youth offering Bible study programs for adults during the summer months.
  • Conducting many different forms of ministry on a daily basis while on site — most importantly, establishing and growing relationships with those they have contact with
  • Providing continuing ministry through technology such as Facebook, Skype, and email
  • Visiting various communities throughout the year as time, resources, and weather allows.

Team Testimonials: 

God is always working. He gave us many different encounters as confirmation that what we are doing is important. A community member thanked us for being the spiritual influence in her daughter’s life.  (Kari – Big Trout Lake, ON)

He again showed us the importance of just being there, loving and caring for people. We gave out superhero bags the first day for the kids to carry their things in. They wore them around town the rest of the week, sharing the message that Jesus is the ultimate Superhero!  (Pastor Brett – Muskrat Dam, ON) 

Now I understand why past volunteers have said “See you next year” and continued to serve. This was, in many ways, a life changing event for me. I am so grateful that I had this opportunity!!!  (Nadine – Kitamaat Village, BC)

To find out more about LAMP Ministries, including how you can donate or volunteer, please visit http://www.lampministry.org/.

Author: Ginny Scarfino